aMeeGo First Meet

October 13, 2010

Date :29-09-2010

Venue :NOKIA INDIA PVT LTD -PTP , Sona Meeting Room

Duration : 1.5 hours


– aMeeGo Introduction

– Community Matters

-Free flow Discussion

-Plan for the next meets

Meeting Minutes

– Meet was attended by around 20 people  interested in contributing to MeeGo.

-Sateesh Kavuri  informally presented the MeeGo Architechture for the newbies followed by a small discussion on architecture.Sateesh is a architect with MeeGo.

-Mithul Bhat displayed the indianised MeeGo Characters he had created we plan to use these for our community .Mithul is a Interaction Designer for MeeGo.

-instead of letting everyone work on the same work item, we agreed to create interest groups. The interest group would focus on a particular application/component on MeeGo.One item that satish proposed and wanted to do was something like http://www.cyclestreets.net/mobile/ for Bangalore (for starters).

-for the next session, we plan to have demo sessions for running MeeGo on N900 and also on a Beagle board

-Chinmayi volunteered to maintain the blog, mailing list

-we plan to setup some long term goal for the community (this is yet to be defined, but we had some ideas)


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